Chicago is Where I'm From

by Cortez | April 24, 2018
Poetry Contest 2018
It’s a city where crime, murder, and violence are often on the news .Where mothers lose their children to the streets for designer clothes and shoes.Where playing in the park or heading to school could unfortunately be the last run. No future for small children whose lives barely begun.I walked the halls of Cabrini with my mom when she mentored at-risk youth. Where kids my age were losing friends at the same age I lost my first tooth.But these memories are not the only ones I can remember. I often reminisce about the Bud Billiken Parade and last days of summer in September.The White Sox’s winning the pennant and Barack becoming the First Black President. The Bulls trading D Rose and Dwayne Wade becoming a resident.Studying fossils at the Museum of Science and Industry. Learning about black culture at the Dusable Museum of African American History.Chance the Rapper giving a free concert to promote unity and give back. Donating money to CPS so inner-city students would not lack.I’m twelve and finally understand how the salty balances the sweet. How every win is not always a celebration and every lose is not always defeat.I am grateful for both sides of the mirror and its two faces. For the diversity of my city, the many people, colors and races.For the time I marched on behalf of LaQuan McDonald a slain Chicago teen. For the many times I encountered yellow tape, news reporters, and a crime scene.My city has shaped who I am and taught me how I want to be treated. I know my life has value and people who look like me should not be cheated.I know where I come from is not my end. And not every person I encounter will always be my friend.But most of all I know that I am enough and I am equal. My gifts are from beyond the earth and the thoughts of other people.If it wasn’t for the things I’ve seen both bad and good. My life would be without meaning, my purpose misunderstood.
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