"On The Frontier"

by Heidi | March 26, 2013
Athlete/Performer, Flexibility/Lifestyle, From Struggling to Thriving, History
The phrase "On the Frontier" has many meanings for me. I picture my ancestors crossing the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains in handcarts and covered wagons to settle a land that was unknown. When they started their journey they only had a hope of things to come and a knowledge that they had to try for something better. Failure was not an option! The process, as much as their willingness to go where no one had gone before, helped mold and shape them into great colonizers. In other words, they became equal to the task. Ten years ago, I found K12 as a parent and immediately recognized its ability to change lives and impact the world of education. Seeing that K12 had the ability to deliver a world class education that met the learning styles of both my accelerated and literacy challenged student… I was sold and my sons went on to have an incredible learning journey and develop their skills and talents in new and exciting ways. We found ourselves, as parents, on a modern day frontier - that of virtual learning. Going places and doing things that required us to grow and stretch both technically and academically. Why did we do it? Because we saw our sons needs and we knew we had to try for something better... something that met the modern day needs of our modern day students which required individual pacing, flexibility, and technology so that both of our sons could be prepared to excel in this new globally diverse economy. Thank You K12 - for building a bridge that generations of students will walk over!
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