by Hannah | April 8, 2018
Poetry Contest 2018
Blue River soccer fields Drive in Cabells DQ and KrogerThese are all a part of what I like to call myhometown  Small and quiet slightly dramatic Busy and Slow a little bit of both  Taco Bell, McD's Taproom and the Pub  We take pride in the Golden Bears and the story we all read in the 3rd grade about how Shelbyville came to be  This is my hometown small and busy quiet and slow Food to eat and too many banks to count  Close friends the world seems so small welcome to the hometown of the corn festival or the Blue River Festival Booths and food Play slides and Sunset Park  Welcome to the home of the Golden Bears Comets, Bull Dogsand the Hurricanes Welcome to the town that I like to call Home.  -H.E.♥
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