Rush City

by Abigail | April 6, 2018
Poetry Contest 2018
Scenic Shelter The area between rural and urban.To the north, a city. To the south, a city. In the middle, our own sanctuary.It doesn't have roller coasters,But rolling waves on the summer river. I don't know if it's ideal, because it's all I've known.Although, the city's never too far away.The short dirt roads can seem like a blockade. The city that is a part of my community, But somehow left undiscovered by me,Took my breath away, once I could see.I suppose it prevented breathing.I couldn't stay. I take a walk on my familiar muddy road.It's spring, and the flowers are starting to grow.There is nothing that is unknown.The birds, the trees, the cows, the water, the breeze,We all have this beautiful understanding.I don't have to worry, because whatever the world may throw at me.This is my recovery.
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