Domino Effect

by Ezekiel | March 9, 2018
STEM Contest 2018

Starting out, I have a toy tied to a string. The string is connected to the ceiling. I swing the toy on the string and it hits the first domino. There is a whole line of dominos (28), about 2 feet long! They each fall over on to the next until the end, where the last domino hits a marble. The marble tips off the ledge and falls down some PVC pipe. The marble follows the L shaped pipe all the way to the end. Where I used toliet paper centers to make longer tube. In the tube, there is a golf ball. The golf ball gets moved by the marble hitting it. Even though the marble is smaller than the golf ball, the marble is moving super fast and pushes the golf ball out of the tube. The golf ball then rolls off of the counter into a bucket of water. SPLASH!

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