The Mentos

by David | March 9, 2018
STEM Contest 2018


Building this machine was very fun it took around 16 hours to build it and 4 more hours to edit the video.

What some people don't see in these machines is the time put into one. I didn't have a lot of money to find the right parts. My grandparents and I found what we could. My grandpa and I wanted to build one of these so it was so much fun doing it and it was cool that my first week of school I hear of this contest.

So how it works is that I pull a pin that sets off the car, than the car hits a Ferris wheel that flips the golf ball going down the slot hitting dominos which triggers the pop and water so what happen is it has to be mint flavored Mentos in diet coke which makes it foam up in the air. The water one is an insta snow powder I got at a store the ingredients in the powder is sodium/polyacrylate

It would be fun to win this. This was a fun learning experience for me. My uncle helped with the editing, and my grandparents helped me build, and my parents helped with support and my aunt help transfer some of the stuff to a CD.

Now that I built this one I want to build lots of them if I had more time. I would give you guys more videos of them if I start making one and get done typing this essay out, right after.

I had to watch a lot of videos to figure out how I can get this done the right way and get some ideas on what kind of stuff will do this and what will do that and that is my essay for the 2018 stem contest.


“Hope I win”!!!

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