Big Splash

by Mahnoor | March 9, 2018
STEM Contest 2018

My machine is designed to make a splash. It is made of ordinary household objects. For example, most of it is made of paper and LEGOs. It also uses many recycled components. First, the bouncy ball goes down the tube and the ramp. Then it goes down another tube and another ramp. The second ramp leads to a paper cup. The cup is attached to a pulley. On the other side is a stop, which keeps a large cricket ball from rolling down a chessboard. A cricket ball is similar to tennis ball, except that it is a LOT heavier. That cricket ball hits a train, which goes down the track and hits a mini LEGO hammer. The hammer pushes a ball that rolls down a ramp. The ball gains momentum and hits a series of dominos. The last domino is the largest and it's made out of LEGOs. It holds the balls. When it falls over, it dumps the balls on a marble maze I made out of plastic straws and a clipboard. The balls then go down a tube made of toilet paper tubes and construction paper. After that, they land in the water for a tremendous SPLASH!

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