Such a Splash!!

by Leila | March 9, 2018
STEM Contest 2018

I decided to make a vertical Rube Goldberg Machine with my Dad.  I did this project all by myself, except with a little help from my Dad with learning to use certain tools and heavy lifting.  I drew out the idea in my head and then we started putting it together using thing like wood, metal, funnels, clear tubing, marbles, screws, popsicle sticks, different sized balls, and anything else my Dad and I could find at his jobsite!  I got the idea to use colored water in the clear tubes from my little brothers color-changing tablets he uses in the bathtub, and it was so awesome because it really made the project pop!  Even though I had drawn out the whole plan beforehand, it took a LOT of mess-ups and re-tries before we could get everything connected and running without stopping!  Our grand finale at the end was my favorite part.  We used mentos and a soda pop launcher to make a BIG FIZZY SPLASH and I was so proud.  This project was such a blast and such a SPLASH!!!!

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