Balloon Splasher

by Leela | March 9, 2018
STEM Contest 2018

The structure for the balloon splasher was inspired by a pinball game. And the splash features were inspired by playground equipment, specifically the monkey bars and the see-saw. The structure is a multi-tier ramp, made with popsicle sticks, that guides a golf ball from the top of the ramp to the bottom of the ramp where it falls, causing a chain reaction resulting in a balloon pop and water splash! And to add to the fun, there are also some mischievous monkeys hanging around that are also looking to make a splash!

The machine works by activating the hydraulic push mechanism at top of the ramp, which will push a golf ball down the ramp. As the ball rolls down the ramp it rolls over the hands of the mischievous (sodium bicarbonate carrying) monkeys that are hanging on the ramp, causing them to fall into the water below. When the monkeys fall into the water the sodium bicarbonate tablet will activate, causing colorful bubbles to form in the cup.

While the monkeys fall, the ball keeps rolling until it reaches the end of the ramp, where it falls. When the golf ball falls it lands on the short end of a see-saw, causing the sharp end of a pin, which is fastened to the opposite end of the see-saw, to rise up and puncture the water balloon that is hanging overhead, which causes the water balloon to rupture and release the water inside, resulting in a big SPLASH!!

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