African Animal Shower Machine

by Noah | March 8, 2018
STEM Contest 2018

Welcome to the African Bath Rube Goldberg Machine! 

I will take you today to see the animals on an African safari.

Every day lions and giraffes and elephants come to my 

machine to get their shower. It saves water and gives

the animals a fun way to party in the hot sun. When the

sun gets too hot for the animals, I cut the twine off that 

holds up my bouncy ball. The bouncy ball hits books on a table.

The books land on a back scratcher lever that pulls up twine tied

to a ruler. This makes the ruler release the car that 

crashes into a water balloon. The water balloon tumbles

over the side of the cliff and hits a lion’s mouth of 

teeth at the bottom. The animals wait with excitement 

as the water balloon bursts and splashes them with

cool water. The animals are all happy! Get your free

Aftican Animal shower today! The End!

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