Zesty Machine

by Gabrielle | March 8, 2018

Hello! My name is Gabrielle, my STEM machine is a multiple stepped process. My machine first starts off with rolling a softball down an inclined plane, which then hits a ball, in which both fall into a crate. After the ball and the book fall into the crate, the wheel and rope that the crate is attached to acts as a pulley. After the books and ball pulls the rope down the other side comes up. The other side of the rope contains an plane as well, which is raised by the rope, creating the plane at an angle. After this, the car sitting on the now inclined plane begins to race down the inclined plane. As the car is racing down the plane it hits the dominos, which hit the socket. My socket was tied to a bottle of water, so when the socket fell down, so did the water. The purpose of the water was to complete the circuit, without water the sodium chloride could not complete the circuit. The water was then poured through a funnel and placed into a measuring cup full of sodium chloride, in which the circuit was complete and the light began to glow.

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