The water speedway

by Zayd | March 7, 2018

This machine is designed to water a plant. It has several steps. Step 1 is that the ping pong ball will roll down the inclined plane, then step 2 is when the ball will go down the funnel. Step 3 is when the ball will hit another red heavier ball and step 4 is when the red ball will go down an inclined plane and keep on rolling. Step 5 is when the red ball will two cars which act as wheel and axle. Step 6 is when these two cars hit the foam cup which has water in it and then it tips over to water the plant. The foam cup is attached by a yarn to the side of a coffee table. I tested different types of balls and then finally chose the one that could actually move the cars. The inclined plane used in the first step is actually a car toy track, and the other inclined plane is a flexible track made of plastic. The flexible one actually made it easy to move the ball through it.

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