The proper way to drink water.

by Juliana | March 7, 2018
STEM Contest 2018

My machine is a new inventive way to drink water. My title is fun and sarcastic, in the sense no one would really choose to drink water this way. It was a fun project for me to do, and I enjoyed it. I figured why not make it into a joke, have fun with it. I hope others will appreciate the sarcasm and think this machine was creative and clever. I myself am quite sarcastic. This project allowed me to add a little bit of that; a little bit of me. I used random items around my house, and got as inventive as I could. I recycled most of my dads useless materials he had in his garage, and turned it into this. This was the most hands on project I have ever done, and would definetly do it again. 

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