K12 splash machine

by OLIVIA | March 7, 2018
STEM Contest 2018

My machine makes an official splash for K12! 

I attached two pipes together and took measurements of how far water would travel outside the pipe. After calculating the length the water would travel, I sat a pot of water in the measured area and took the measurements again to set up a tie hanger. I fixed a plastic ball on the tie hanger by taping a thin piece of paper on each side of two sticks that were anchored by rocks inside the pot. At the end of the tie hanger, I positioned wooden blocks to elevate the hanger so that the ball would be at the correct angle for hitting a small wooden block that creates a domino effect that taps another ball balanced on the edge of the table giving the ball just enough energy to make a splash into a tank. I made this machine to make an actual splash for K12. I used a lot of what I learned in my lessons this year an applied that knowledge to my machine and that is why I ultimately decided to make an official K12 splash. Some example of things I learned and used in my machine is Science using kinetic energy in the moving parts, Math by calculating the position of my machine parts, English in writing the story about my machine, and History by doing research on the Rube Goldberg machine. I made a poster for display behind the domino effect thanking all of my teachers because without them I would not have been able to apply what they have taught me to make my machine work. For fun, I added some food coloring to my water! 

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