Tristan's Story

by Trista | January 31, 2018
From Tristan: I joined LAVCA about 3 years ago.  I was having a tough time in my other school with my ADD and ADHD symptoms.  My medicine would run off fast and I would always get into trouble, but when I came to LAVCA I have had a better time and love school more.  The teachers are very understanding and they help me personally with things that I don't understand.  I have learned alot in the 3 years of being at this school.   From Mom: I am Tristan's mom and I can tell you that this school has been a blessing for me and helped me with things to help my kids with understanding how to teach them.  I am truely blessed that there are schools out there like this that can help kids and family who have a struggle to take them to other schools.  Thanks LAVCA for all the help. 
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