Safety for the Refugee of Deadly Attack

by Kevin | January 23, 2018
Acts of Kindness
After Mom took Dad to the ER on Nov. 26,2015 [Thanksgiving that year], Dad was gone from our life on earth.The ship had been attacked and the Captain was gone. My son was ready to go down with the ship, but Mom wouldn't let that happen. Someone recommended GA Cyber as an alternative for my son who had simply given up. The "II" to Dad, he was wounded with the Captain, his namesake. K12 was a way to recover. With a wrecked sleep pattern, recorded classes gave him a chance to stay engaged, while not being there. After a semester of listening to classes, he wanted to get engaged Real Time. PRAISE THE LORD!!!Teachers, administrators, and technical support have worked with us on this new Land-Journey in GA Cyber, and there are no words to capture how grateful this family remains to be. We have decided to remain in GA Cyber Academy until my son graduates high school.On-line learning has saved this family and changed our lives.Thank you to all of the teachers, counselors, etc. who not only educated a wounded boy, but also showed him kindness as he mourned the unexpected loss of his father. Now he is recovering because no bandaids were placed on the wounds instead nurturing occurred, and healing has begun. THANK YOU ALL :-)
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