Busy Life

by Camryn | November 23, 2017
Family Values, Flexibility/Lifestyle
Im a mom. I have five chirldren and a amazing suportive husband. People looking at my family in the grocery store or Target might think life is handy dandy, but if a fly could share its stories they would see a life of dirty dipers, thrown cereal from the morning adventures, the attempt of a clean fridge and trying to buy everything organic eventhough its so darn expensive. a life of helth problems and the extreme strain of trying to stay healthy, menntaly and physicaly. Throw in the pressure of the modern day schooling system and you my friends have the cherry on top of you already busy hectic, amazing life icecream sunday.My daughter is in TK or preK. Why did we enroll her. we enrolled her because she had a wanting a yearning to learn, and who was i to hold her back, but what wanted to hold her back was my illness, my motherly chores,my daily errands, my toddler who is always hurting himself, breaking things or hurting his poor sister who is too sweet to stand up for herself eventhough shes two years his senior. My daughter when she started school was only able to count to 12 and had a hard time explaining day to day time. Today tomorrow yesterdy. Shes young and smart, im old and have not a creative bone in my body, how was i to help this little girl strive to where she herself wanted to go. how was i to help her learn without lectures white board analysis, or powerpoint presentations, im very bland i do say. There it was staring me in the face over a mornings spilled milk and organic Frosted Flakes, on the tv was a comercial about K12 a different type of school.  with further research and talking to our wonderful teacher it has been a amazing experience for my daughter as well as myself. She is learning being able to count to 40 easy, she is able to comunicate bettter, she is learning and loving what she is doing, all the while still being able to be a 5 year old kid in her home and not having to worry about the politics of todays standard school system. she has her own schedule that allows her to learn around family time. Im learning. im learning who my child is. im learning, how she learns how her brain works what her weaknesses and strengths are. She is a amazing little girl with a very imaginative teacher. Mrs. Gerrow has an incite into the childs mind, an imagination that i myself could never attain, and i am truly thankfull for her and the teaching staff behind her, for they are the ones that make my daughters thirst for learning continue. They are the ones that make this school possible. Thank you K12 and Mrs. Gerrow, thank you for helping me be a better support system and teacher to my daughter. K12 has offered us a wonderfull alternitive to learn our way in our home and were truly grateful for the opertunity to be apart of it.
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