The day mommy got sick!

by Crystal | March 21, 2013
Family Values, Flexibility/Lifestyle, Homebound/Medical, Advanced Learner, Math
My oldest was about to start kindergarten. We were so excited! The newest member of our family was 5 months old...and I got sick! I had hives on my body from my head to my toes! It was miserable! I spent most of my nights soaking in an oatmeal bath and the mornings exhausted. We would have never been able to get to school on time every day, and so we would have been in a lot of trouble with the truancy officers of our district. Luckily, we saw an add for California Virtual Academy that offered the state standard curriculum K12. Kindergarten is where the foundation of learning is developed, and i was a little nervous. Good and bad habits are built as well as the basics of reading and writing! Thank God for K12 and the OLS! We had some bumpy spots along the way BUT as a whole it was a great experience! Eventually my hives went away, after two and a half years! By that time, the OLS and CAVA had become such a part of our schedule and lives that we didn't even want to consider going back to a "traditional" school! My oldest is now in 4th grade she has a non-fiction reading comprehension level of a 9th grader- and she is advanced in math (5th grade) as well! The baby has grown up and will start CAVA kindergarten next year. She is around home schooling everyday and has already started reading and writing! We love CAVA and K12 and recommend it to everyone we talk with about homeschooling!
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