Run. Part 1

by Piay | October 31, 2017
2017 Art Contest
This portfolio contains multiple photos that were taken by myself during the Grindstone 100 miler located in Swoope, Virgina from October 6th-7th. During this race, my father was a participant. This culture of running involves an amazing community full of support. Running 100 miles is obviously no easy task and requires a lot of determination and strength both physically and mentally; it is extremely admirable. I am not an ultra runner, though I've run long distances, five kilometers is my maximum for now. When my father runs ultra races I participate as part of his crew. Throughout the race, our crew will provide him with the food and water he may need in order to complete this race. As I attend more races as part of the crew, I become more aware as to how infectiously positive this community is. There are college students, professors, mothers, fathers, grandparents, archivist, chiropractors, and so many more types of people that come together to do one thing, to run. It's amazing to see anyone, from anywhere, have an amazing connection and conversation over running over mountain after mountain. The running community has become a worldwide culture that anyone can join at any moment. I want to show more people the beauty of this culture and its continuous expansion. To be able to witness the culture outside of the view of a runner is wonderful and to capture these moments, photos are a great medium. To see the smiles, the interactions, and the consistent victories from being a part of this amazing culture that is running.
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