K12 completes us!

by Beverly | March 21, 2013
Non-traditional Learner, Military Family, Advanced Learner, Reading
We are the DuBois family we live in Colorado Springs, CO. My name is Beverly and I have been married to my husband for 12 years. I have two daughters Kaylie 9 and Kelsie is 3. My oldest daughter Kaylie attends COVA. This is our 2nd year with COVA and we love it for many reasons. My husband Matthew is an Apache pilot for the US Army and with his crazy schedule and deployments K12 makes transitions easier on both girls. It also makes vacations or going home to see family easier because we can bring school with us. Kaylie has ADD and some sensory stuff. She was recently had some testing. We found she was gifted which made sense as to why regular school was boring her. K12 is also easier on me, as I have Lupus and Crohns disease and sometimes just getting out of bed can be a chore when I am in a flare up. I try to stay active by volunteering where I can at church on Fort Carson. I teach Sunday School and I am involved in vacation bible school and have a lot of support because the crohns can be unpredictible and honestly even embarassing at times. Sometimes we can't even do school and Kaylie gets in my bed with the laptop and it happens anyway. She is so great. If she has to miss a day or two she has no problem catching up quick or having school on Saturday. When my husband is deployed this is amazing because not sure how I would get her to school on bad days. Lately I have been doing pretty well and my husband came home from a year long deployment in February. With COVA this gave my girls the chance to spend time with their dad. Dad jumped in and did a lot of school with Kaylie on his leave it was a lot of fun watching them interact and do school work together. Matthew was a Math minor so this is a big bonus for us ha ha. Sometimes if she doesn't get it he can get her to understand in another way I didn't think of so really we are all learning. These are special moments and great bonding after all that lost time with her dad. I feel blessed to be able to stay home with my girls. We have a membership to the zoo and go there and Kaylie has even done some of them homeschool classes there as well. We have met some amazing people while at COVA and the understanding and flexibility for our life fits our family so well. K12 helps us adjust to our crazy lifestyle and helps Kaylie a lot. We are lucky to be a K12 family and consider K12 a big part of our family too.
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