Our Family Culture

by Gabriella | October 31, 2017
2017 Art Contest
My family comes from three different countries, North America, South Korea, and Guatemala. My sister was born in Guatemala. She was adopted and my parents brought her home. She then became an American Citizen. Although she is an American, she is still 100% Guatemalan and she is proud of it. My dad's mom, Grandma Miok, was born in South Korea. She married my grandpa who was in the United States Army. My daddy was born in the USA so he is American but he is 50% Korean. He joined the United States Air Force and met my mommy who was born in Ohio and was also in the United States Air Force. I was born in the USA in Colorado Springs and my brother was born in Oklahoma City. Me and my brother are both 25% Korean and proud of it, too.My painting tells the story of our family and our different cultures. The top flag is the American Flag and I wrote the word 'family' in English. The middle flag is the South Korean flag and I wrote the word 'family' in Korean. The bottom flag is the Guatemalan flag and I wrote the word 'family' in Spanish. I made a mixed media art project by using paint, duct tape, and foil ribbon to go around the edges. I love to paint but this was the most detailed painting I had ever done. I am very excited and proud of myself. I hope you enjoy my story and love my painting.
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