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by Charlotte | March 20, 2013
Working Student, School Environment, People Who Changed a Life, Breakthrough Moments, From Struggling to Thriving, Military Family
Hello, my name is Charlotte. I am a girl of 14 years and in 9th grade. I use to be a lonely isolated girl that had no look to the future because of bullying. I was an isolated girl who didn't have any friends and was bullied all the time whenever I was around school or in school. I was afraid to approach people because I was scared that they would hurt me. I was afraid to make friends. I was a failure because I would get distracted and I really didn't see a future with my life. I was depressed and hurt and alone without any real friends. I was just friends with people that would talk to me for five minutes and then leave to go to the bullies and hang out with them. So yeah, you could call me the girl who sat in the corner at lunch time. My mother and father couldn't do anything about it because the kids were out of their control, and they feared for me, and loved me. They tried their best to help me but it just didn't help. I had gone through some traumatic things in my life, getting punched in the face, my house catching on fire and a very close family member going to jail because of abusive reasons. I felt like there was no one to help me and I was on my own and that I couldn't be helped. I felt truely alone and that I would never to go college because of the drama that has happened in my life. We moved to California because my grandmother fell ill, and we started K12 there, I didn't really care to go to any school hang-outs because of my grandmother. I also didn't feel like socializing with people because I was afraid. Sadly, my grandmother died on june 14, four days after my birthday. She was a nice lady, but she would get a temper if she thought something was wrong. I felt really alone when my grandmother left, and I didn't want to talk to my parents or family. I was then in Highschool and the first semester was the hardest. I was failing because I thought that I was not able to have a future because I didn't care much about it and I didn't care if I was going to pass or not. K12 was there for me though, making sure I passed and making sure I wasn't alone when I did this. I felt like with them, I could pass anything. I luckily passed my first semester. K12 has given me a future and an open, smart mind. I am not very afraid as I use to be when I met people. I will get into a full conversation with a complete stranger sometimes. K12 has given me a family to look up to when I need help the most, K12 has awarded me the future of a college and a happy life. I am now making friends, and passing in subjects that I disliked and hated. K12 has taught me to love to read, write, and learn and I am happy for what K12 has done for me, K12 has turned me into a smart woman, because life is fragile and it is very difficult and hard to make it a good life because the actions you take make a big impact on your life. My parents are proud because K12 has turned me into a girl who can achieve her goals and a girl who is smart, and nice.
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