Life Outside the Bubble

by Joshua | October 25, 2017
2017 Art Contest, Asperger's/Autism
I am Autistic and have Tourettes. This is my culture.  Most people look at culture and only think of race and ethnic background. I look at culture and how we experience life. For me having Autism is like living in a different world. I long to be in your world with the ability to communicate, but I don't know your language. It is difficult.  So, through photos I find a way to express me, my culture. How I feel and celebrate the difference and excitement of being in the culture of Autism.  This photo is how I feel.  You are all the bubbles.  I am the shell that lives outside, experiencing life through the waves and roughness of the sand.  Many see us as sharp and prickly and afraid we will "pop" your bubble.  We just simply want to be a part of what is happening in your bubble, but enjoy being the shell.  Culture is something to be embraced.
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