Dancing in the 50's

by Salvador | October 17, 2017
2017 Art Contest
This painting is soley inspired by my grandparents self proclaimed cultural tradition. My family are proud Americans who have lived here for centuries and part of those people are my grandparents. My grandparents are always sharing stories on how they loved to bust a move on the dance floor during the 50's. This era is formely known as the "Grease" era and some of the most popular 50's dance moves include the "Hand Jive". This one specific dance move had my grandparents on the dance floor, grooving their way to the music. The "Hand Jive" includes a series of movements such as clapping, shaking, and shouting. Ever since, my family and I have made a decision to keep their memorable movements alive and perform the "Hand Jive" at every family event. We have kept this tradition alive for many years and continue on passing my grandparents dancing legacy. So these "Greaser shoes" signify the long lasting legacy of my grandparents, who grooved their way to the dance floor and helped add their groove to the culture of American dance. 
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