Self Portrait

by Alyssa | October 16, 2017
2017 Art Contest
I celebrate culture by embracing who I am both ethnically and physically. Growing up in a military family, I was fortunate enough to have an abundant amount of exposure to a variety cultures and diversities of others around me, allowing outside influences to help shape me and take pride in who I am. I celebrate my culture by painting and drawing how I view the human being containing so much inner beauty and potential, including the empowerment of being a female and a citizen of America. I do not claim just one race as I am made up of many, rather, I express my melting pot of a heritage of the most popular themes in my country at the moment. I am submitting this oil painting of myself in which I have intentionally painted stickers on my face that display the American flag, Mexican colored flag as I am representing my Hispanic side, a rainbow oval representing the prominent theme of love and equality that is constantly brought up in current day media and culture, the women's symbol, and whimsical symbols of cartoonish designs that represent my adolescent culture that is to be cherished along with youth. I do not participate in anything special for each individual culture I am affiliated with as I embrace all at once with my American pride being the glass that encases all of my traits together in a way that’s particularly unique to today's culture. I am an artist who loves to paint, with oil being my favorite media, which is why I chose to submit this artwork done entirely in oil paint on canvas board. I come from a background that values hard work and persistence, therefore being displayed in the amount of detail and pride I take into creating my paintings.
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