by Vrindavan | October 12, 2017
2017 Art Contest
I celebrate and value a global culture. I like to watch videos and read books about different cultures around the world, and I love seeing how each unique culture has influenced the rest of the world. One important thing that has helped spread more cultural awareness is the internet, and it has given people an outlet to so much information about the world. One country's pop culture in particular has gained a lot of global recognition recently, and that spreading is called the Hallyu Wave. Korean pop music, dramas, fashion, and much more has been spread to the rest of the world, and our culture and style here in America, and in other countries, have been influenced and changed by this wave, and vice versa. My favorite way to celebrate this culture, along with many others, is by drawing the things I admire about that culture. In particular, I love to draw scenes from K-Pop music videos, because, to me, music is a universal language. You don't need to understand the words to be able to understand the emotions behind it. I love making digital paintings because I can create speedpaints. I add the music to my video, and the combination of my two favorite forms of art, painting and music, is just so beautiful to me. Watching the process of my drawing, while listening to my favorite music track or piano cover, gives me a feeling of fulfillment, knowing that I have taken something beautiful and made part of it my own. We may all be from different backgrounds, but we are all human, and we can find beauty and inspiration within each and every one of us.
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