by Chase | October 9, 2017
2017 Art Contest
This set of creatures are a hybrid between three to four different animas that currently exist to make a near harmless animal. My culture of choice for this is Sifi or genetic culture which was also displayed in the Jurassic Park series and the hit Movie Jurassic World. BUt the information about these animals is that they are part Skink & African Crocodile or Camen, the other part of the D.N.A is Luna or Owlet moth. Both species have a big wingspan. But with this little guy he would have a wingspan of anywere between and upto 9 inches to 2 feet across. It is an insectivore for the most part also occasionaly feeding and hunting small rodents and minnows. It has a pattern on the top of its wings that also is on its body, this is to allow it in flight and walkig on solid surfaces in the wild to blend in, the black stripes and veines break up the sillouette allowing this animal to be very difficult t track by sight. It would be able to fly under its own power and reach in a straight line speeds of upto 30 MPH, and would dive at around 100 MPH. It has short but hooked claws that come to a fine point that allow it to grip even the smoothest of surfaces, like glass. It can range in color from in the summer season, mint and grass green, pine brown, sandy blond and dark blues as well as black and grey. In the fall it could be found with more vibrant colors like red, orange, light blue, brown, blond, blue and mint green. This reptile would be cold clooded so it depends on heat to move.. It would be able to hybernate through winters, and it would live all around the world including the summers in Antrctica, but that would be strictly micratory, the wings make them extreamly effective gliders and flyers, the flaw tail works as a rudder to help with its banking and small ajustments in flight. this animals would weight around and upto 1/4 to one whole pound. I will post the other image right after this one, and it wont have this much information.
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