by Rachael | October 9, 2017
2017 Art Contest
In this collage, I'm showing all my characters and how they're different like you and me! Accept people's differences! If everyone was the same, that would obviously be like a beehive, robotic and routinely boring. Everyone is supposedly human right? Then treat others the way you want to be treated! Don't ruin other people's cultures by being like missionaries and killing off people just because they aren't like you (or your community)! If someone else's actions are detrimental and hurting someone else then they (or the group) need to talk, BUT as we can see throughout history this isn't most adults TEA (reality). Culture to me is where you come from, simple as that. In Korea when getting married (or any holiday) they may wear a 한복, while in Texas you might have a couple who has a cowboy theme. It ALL depends on the household nowadays because people don't conform so easily.  :) (Moreso society/media though)Look hard at this picture and see all the different sizes and expression! <3I worked hard cutting and gluing each picture to show were all connected!
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