by Alexandre | July 28, 2017
Music Showcase 2017

Whenver I saw this K-mail I was very excited, this was really the first time I ever got a chance to share my music except for with family and friends. My name is Alec Henriot and I am a student at OHVA. I decided to organize a "band rehersal," with my friends that do music at my church for the music video(most of us serve in the worship band.)  We are ironically all homeschooled and we each have a joy in music. We decided to do the song "Riptide" by Vance Joy, becuase we thought it connected well with all of our instruments and it has a great rhythem. Ben Rodishock was doing Mandolin, Joe Sargent at the Kahon or Box Drum, Gabe Sargent at Guitar, Caleb Gilgur at  Guitar, and Alec Henriot at Vocals and Ukulele. Are band name is the Homeboys.


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