Ice Dance By Dany Elfman

by Miguel | July 28, 2017
Music Showcase 2017

I started learning the piano when I was 4 years old, and have since taken an interest in other instruments as well. My father is a drummer, so I have been around the drums since I was very young, but I recently started to take an interest in learning to play them. I've also learned to play the cello and the guitar. I enjoy listening and playing music of all types, and different instruments allow me to play music for all types. The instrument I enjoy playing the most is the piano because it is most versatile and expressive, and that is why I am submitting a song on the piano. This song that I am submitting was composed by my favorite composer, Danny Elfman. He composed the song for one of my favorite movies, Edward Scissorhands. I hope you enjoy it.

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