My son

by Christina | March 14, 2013
Military Family
We are a military family, we have 3 children our daughter is 16 (Ms. Popular), our oldest boy is 13 (he is enrolled AZVA) and then our youngest son is 10 (Mr. Class Clown). From a very young age our 13 year old has had learning disablities and has never done well in school, in fact he hated school. He was bullied by students and called lazy by his teachers. They would always say "why cant you be more like your sister" to which he replied "because I am not her". I have fought with his last school for over a year to have him tested because I knew something wasn't catching with his learning to which they replied "its not our job to test a child just because the parent wants them tested" and they also told us that it was our fault that he had "holes" in his learning because we moved so much being a military family. After my son made a plan to commit suicide I took him out of the school and started him in AZVA. The change that has over taken him is nothing short of a miracle!! He went from being a F student to being a A/B student. His goal is to have straight A's on one report card, and I see his goal getting closer and closer. AZVA builds the child up and gives them praise. The teachers are there to help and their "no question is dumb" makes a huge impact on him. He is "socailly akward" as he puts it and doesnt like to draw attention to himself. But with AZVA he loves going to the classes and being apart of the learning. He smiles more and he doesnt tell himself that he is dumb. He told me the other day " mom I really am smart arent I". There is no amount of thank yous that I can offer, you have helped my son and my family in more ways than you can possibly know. But from the bottom of this mom's heart......Thank you AZVA!!
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