Chopin Etude, Op. 10 No. 1

by Adrian | June 29, 2017
Music Showcase 2017

I hope you enjoy this Etude written by Frederic Chopin.  An etude is a "study" piece written to perfect a particular technical skill.   This etude I am playing is a study in reach and arpeggios.  It was written in 1829. It focuses on stretching the fingers of the right hand.   Although this piece was written as a study, it is also very musical.   Chopin had this to say about this etude: "You shall benefit from this Etude.  If you learn it according to my instruction it will expand your hand and enable you to perform arpeggios like strokes of the violin bow."  

Chopin, who was known as the poet of piano, is my favorite composer and I play many other pieces by him.    

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