Fear is just another reason to try harder

by Tristyn | May 31, 2017
Why My School is AWESOME

I first started and i was scared. I didnt know what to expect the 1st day of Online classes. The next day the teachers were VERY heplful and understanding. I got the help i needed and i didnt get behind in my work. The teachers were there if i needed any help with my homework. I made sure i had everything i needed for school. I studied hard for my test, exams, quizzes, so that i didnt miss anything imprtant that might be on the test. I knew that sometimes school was hard for me but i DIDNT give up. I remember that i can do anything as long as i put my mind to it and take my time to make sure it is done correctly and not done sloppy. Sometimes i struggled at my school work, but i emailed my teachers for help and sooner or later i got the help i needed for that certain homework question. I would always have a good time going some of those assingments. Some were fun, cool, interesting. The homework we had wasnt bad. The teachers want to see there students succed in school/everyday life. If they didnt care about you, (me), they wouldnt be here. They care about you so much that they take time out there own day to make sure we understand the homework we have to do. Everyday wont be the same. You have someone with you every step of the day no matter what or how hard life or school can be. Just keep your head up strong (like i am doing), and keep pushing toward your goal and you will do amazing. Never give up on anything. Remember: Fear is just another reason to try HARDER. Thats my story about me and how Iowa Virtual Academy changed me.

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