Wonderment is My Hobby

by Caleb | April 29, 2017
Poetry Contest 2017

Wonderment is my hobby

Creativity is my school

Sea and sky are my lobby

Imagination is my tool


To another dimension

I dare travel

Logic in suspension

And the world unraveled


Elephants loose in a village

Young maidens in distress

Pirates on a pillage

The world is in duress


I spring into action

With Godzilla as my pet

Brace girls of every faction

They help me not to fret


Mysteries we solve

Monsters we slay

New powers evolve

ALmost every day


Legends and heores

All look for fame

But, nut us

Helping is just our game


Watching the waves

And feeling a breeze

More stories I crave

My heart says "please"


Can we take another drive in a car?

So I can think of stories near and far!

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