Fighting for the human race

by Delaney | April 29, 2017
Poetry Contest 2017

Everyday we take granted for things other people don't ahve like food,clean water, a mothe and a father. But what about the people who have nothing to look forward to? Who are lying in a hospital bed thinking "What am I to do?". Did you ever think about them and all that they have to go through? WHat about the people who are wondering where their next meal is going to come from. WHat about the people who are sleeping on the streets 'cause they have no home to come home to. What about the people? I see it on the news and every where I go. Good people dying on the streets 'cause other people can't keep their firearms under control. Women aren't even getting paid the same as men. How long has it been? Yet we're still fighting. Things need to change and that change starts with you so stand up and be proud for all the people who are suffering 'cause they faught for our freedom in the war. Stand up for the people who are fighting a disease they  just can't control. Stand up for the people. 

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