love 4 music

by PreDesyn | April 28, 2017

The hobby of my eye is music that enlighten the soul .It fills the air with music to whole

Rap, R&B, Soul, Pop, or even Hip Hop.It can make you rattle and shake up your bones.

Music is the sun on a rainy day the sound of Music is like Annie the sun will come out tomorrow

Music is like the blood in my veins full of pain and hurt but because of music it can always bring you joy.

Keep your mind sharp make creative help you meet new friends and learn valuable skills. 

Back in the day music was not thought of as just a way out but a opportunity to pursue one's passion and interest.

Lots of famous musician legends made it in  music industry on having great talent and having someone to believe in them

Like starting off in groups like Jackson five, Destiny's Childs, New Editon , and Temptations

They all had amazing records and went very far in there lives. Is it the way you love music as jill Scott would say.

Even the musicians that have made a music career makes a life story biography like

Aaliyah The princess of R&B, and The Jackson An American Dream. Music to me is strong and real

If you listen and pay attention to the sound of Music and what it says. Music makes you full of 

Sorrow or it makes you full of joy you don't want to be awful or coy music is real and passionate to the lyrics

In the music never turn blue. Music can make you a star and pretend to be who you are.  Music to me is making and willing to become  who 

You are in your lyrics and sound of music. Music is like a river musicians would want to jump in.

A band  as a family that loves music some high notes some low notes but always a beautiful song and a great record to come with it to show it off.


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