Sports Teach You

by Nikita | April 28, 2017
Poetry Contest 2017

Sports Teach You

There are many sports that are cool,

Even though at first it’s hard and cruel.

But, sports also teach you of the most important thing.

That thing is a desire to work hard, which results in you feeling like a king.


Yes, sports require work and determination,

But the competitions and gold medals give you a motivation.

Just imagine yourself standing on the first place.

People will think of you as a winner and an ace.


Even if you don’t want to compete,

Sports will still teach you about reaching your goal.

You will learn to never give up and make your fears beat.

These inherited skills will help you get your life’s role.


So, don’t sit all day on your chair.

Get up and exercise, run, and work out.

By now, you all know life is fair,

Let’s do sports and try not to be lazy and bailout.


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