Is This A Hobby?

by Javeria | April 28, 2017

I flipped a door wide open

There's so much to see

Glitter and fairies all around me

I can see Harry Potter beside Hermione

Now there's Ramona and Beezuz Quimby

While enjoying it seeing all those characters

I feel like a movie star

I shake hands with an alien from Mars

I think I was going way too far

when, "Hey! what type of boring hobby is this?"

I jump up and look all around

No more sparkles on the ground

Or the smiling faces , the happy sounds

On my lap, there sat a book

Now I know what I felt, Where I looked

at the wondrous characters of a book

"You had gone into one of your dreams" she mocks

"Dull mind is what you get when you read a lot"

I stand to say I'll tell you everything

What I have learnt from those fantasies

Books teach you a lot of things

Don't just skim them or read in a flash

They can become your teacher, a friend, even your mom and dad

So let's join our hands and unfold the pages

That open the door of neverending stories.

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