Morning Horseback Ride

by Zhoe | April 28, 2017
Poetry Contest 2017

Morning rays sparkle through the trees;

Casting mystical light over blankets of dew;

They vibrate with its coming. 

The fields cower under its presence.


Its powerful hooves pound the earth;

Its breath puffs out power;

Its ears demand subjection;

Its eyes burn with fire.


Legs that gracefully move

Through the still forest.

A forest that quiets at the sight,

Nothing dare challenges it.


The only one it allows to control its power?

The one who sits atop its back.

Its mane rustles like prairie grass

Through its riders hands.


Hands which,

Laid soft on leather straps,

Command the horse where to go.

Boots planted in stirrups;

Spurs dazzled in the sun;

A wavy copper mane;

It flows from the one who rides.


Like eagles they fly~

Over the star struck land;

They are but a streak of color to passers-by.

Horse and rider become one,

Perfect unity as they run.


A bond so great,

Not even death can penetrate.

As they soar over the blanket of morning,

Both are full of wild power.


Nothing holds them back~

They are unstoppable, unbreakable, unchanged.

They are free;

Free from worry,

Free from fear,

Free to be happy,

Free to be wild,

Free to be themselves.


The morning sun rises,

And the day's work shuts out play.

But the two will be waiting,

Waiting for another morning ride.

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