More than a Hobby

by Joel | April 28, 2017
Poetry Contest 2017

Blank, empty white paper.

To some, just the dried pulp of a tree,

To me, a reserve where my mind runs free.

A slate ready to be filled with a universe of my mind,

A universe where I am among my own kind.


Jot, I scribble down my thoughts,

My brain begins to untie its knots.

My words spill onto the page,

Aha! What a way to escape my cage.


Sentences, a story begins to unfold,

My writings are a story that has been never been told.

For my characters within, I can choose life or death,

Whether they live on or they breathe their final breath.


Complete, my characters are all in their place!

Story finished, A satisfied look appears my face.

When you read this poem, or read my stories, you’ll find it very clear to see.

That the gifts of creation and of writing have been bestowed on me.


What started as a simple hobby to share?

Has now become my passion to bear.

Hobbies can lead on to your future career,

So, pay attention and have no fear.

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