Listening to Jazz

by Joy | April 28, 2017
Poetry Contest 2017

     Listening to Jazz Music

I like listening to jazz music

My head turn side to side

But I do not glide nor ride

As I turn my head from side to side

I think what is this kind 

When I am listening to jazz music

'I think of a tune brbrbrbrbrbrbrbr

While I listen to jazz I hear the big band beat

Here is the secret I chose my topic to be jazz

Because it has a J just like the first letter in my name Joy

Now my jazz still going brbrbbrbrbrbrbbr

Then I do not turn my head from side to side

Just then I really glide

I tap with my feet to the rhythm of the beat

I tap and I tap

With my tapping shoes

Then it finishes with a brbrbrbrbrbrbr

And I finish with tap, tap, tap.







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