Sink or Swim

by Nazira | April 28, 2017
Poetry Contest 2017

Sink or Swim

I shiver, the biting cold awakening my inner fervent beast.

I clench my jaw as I observe the gleaming and rippling surface,

determination in my eyes, ready to battle the intimidating turquoise.

I take a deep breath, briefly relishing the abundance of crisp, morning air—

right before a swift dive sends me flying into a completely different world.

Icy water surrounds my streamlined body, putting my nerves on edge,

as my dynamic strokes skillfully slice through the smooth crystal blue.

My broad shoulders cleave a trail in the wake of the churned froth,

and consistent kicks follow behind, my legs aligned in perfect form.

I nimbly raise my lips to the surface, filling my lungs with crisp air,

And I continue, pushing myself to the limits and beyond,

Breathing in and breathing out, until I lose track of time.

I do this because Man was made to fear the deep,

But I, instead, have chosen to conquer it.

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