Creative Writing

by Adrianna | April 28, 2017
Poetry Contest 2017

Exploring thoughts, reaching emotions It’s show time when people discover my feelings, Describing how I see the world changing seasons. All freeze the moment I start journaling, Purpose for my grandchildren, Expressing life past time ages me. Addition adds volumes, each section’s a drumroll. Digits steaming from ears’ equations, Bubbling thoughts of my dreams. Cleverness triggers pictures posing high in the sky, Light bulb bolts, buzz levels sparks. Stitching brain flow, escaping from fumbles So loud that even Franklin and Einstein rumble. Art words collected with visions shared, My nimble writing hands grow wild and rare. Rainbow wisdom, I dream of this, There’s no exact answer when seeking freedom strange. Exploring worlds different unlike any other. Rain stings, but grows ideas and new inventions. Enclosing spiral chapters of sunrise to sunset. Mixing colors, from my yellow bright sun, Paint young, write young I say. Playing playground tag, thoughts of green sprinkled grass. Light’s greatest art is writing ever more than the last.

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