Reading and Writing

by Emily | April 28, 2017
Poetry Contest 2017


While mom cooks

or writing in my nook

When reading

I can travel

to Narnia

or Camazotz

When reading

I smell

the fire

or taste

the dust

or feel

the water

When reading

I laugh

I cry

I sit on the edge of my couch

When writing

I can see

my story

when it can be

20 chapters long

Like blocks

I build

my story

chapter by chapter

And like blocks

that can fall

my chapters sometimes

fall, too

But chapter

by chapter

and block

by block

my story

my tower

is built again

'till the very end

Reading and writing;

When it comes to my hobbies

I think of these two

They are the ones

without which

I cannot do

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