Reading Books

by Nehem Brainerd | April 28, 2017
Poetry Contest 2017



Oft I’ve heard maxims of yore,

“The world’s a stage, layered with antecedents from afore”

Yet sometimes I tire of the spiel

And wish to change the tale


And when I open thee, O book,

O reservoir of endless possibilities

I find myself sinking in your fantasy

And lose myself to your timeless ecstasy


I sailed the seas, I conquered nations,

I hunted mythological creatures, I danced with celestial angels bathed in divinity

I mastered witchcraft, I crafted machines of revolution

I walked through time and saw the world begin and evolve in eternity!


Divine are you, o book, who carry me to the stars yonder

And if love truly exists, in it you encapsulate me, ever drawing me back to thee

Man hath done many wonders,

But the greatest one of all be you who sets my soul free


To feel your crinkling paper, to gape at the black ink

To cradle thee in my arms and to inspire thy fragrant stink,

I shall squander away my wealth, for the greatest of my treasures be thee

And yearn to succumb to your intoxication, to the serenity that thou hath for me

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