A World of Difference

by SheNikka | March 13, 2013
Family Values, Breakthrough Moments, From Struggling to Thriving
This is my family's third year with SCVCS and I can honestly say that I have no desires of doing anything different. The K12 program came into my family's live at a very pivotal point. I was not pleased with the learning structure my children were receiving in the brick and mortar setting and wanted something different for them. One day a commercial came on talking about the K12 program and being the researcher that I am I jumped all over it to find out what it was all about. I never expected it to be all that it has turned out to be. Our first year had a few bumps of course as we were trying to fully maneuver through with success; as a matter of fact that first year is when I discovered that my children had not learned what it was they needed to know in order to be in the grade that they were in. Needless to say it was very disheartening. However, knowing that I could work one-on-one with my child and make sure they completely understood each concept was an award all in itself. K12/SCVCS has given my family an opportunity to learn and grow together. My son struggled with math before we began this journey and now he can go through a math lesson with no assistance at all and master it on the first try. My daughter was not a strong reader or speller but now that she is home with me daily her reading and spelling skills have turned completely around. I rave about this program so much that I have had other families enroll their children. I've heard others say how they wouldn't do this type of setting for their child even if they had the work schedule to do so because they feel the children need daily socialization but I feel that it is more important for my children to be successful in their studies then to worry about have a bunch of friends. Plus, the schools offer so many opportunities for your child to meet other students as well as one could always have the child enrolled in extra curricular activities outside of school. Honestly, there is nothing more important to me than a good education and knowing that I can play a huge part in helping my child obtain one is such a blessing. So I hope those of you that have been contemplating on taking this step for your child's education really do embark on this opportunity. I can promise you, that it is well worth every bit of your time.
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