How K12 is letting us live places no one could think of!

by Aspen | March 12, 2013
Working Student, People Who Changed a Life, Flexibility/Lifestyle, Military Family, English
Hi my name is Aspen and K12 has made a huge impact and change in my life and this is how: My father use to be a Navy seal, but he got out because a grenade exploded and he leaned the wrong way. He has a brain tumor now. In kindergarten my dad was given six months to live. I have an older brother too who was very scared. We traveled that year so much, thinking this was it and it was his last few months of life. We soon stopped traveling because it was almost a year since they told us that and we were running out of money. We still lived life to the fullest each day. My dad still ran marathons with my mom, did adventure races, coached me at soccer, and more. Soon I got another brother and we still lived life full and had a pretty normal life. Then my 2 other brothers were born. We found out that we could travel and take free flights in military because he was medically retired military. Also I grew up with my parents not working because my dad got paid from the government from the condition he was in. We decided for our big family of seven to go travel the world on those flights he got. My mom was worried, we had to rent out our house and my older brother and I had to join school (my other brothers were to young). When we rented out our home we joined Insights school with K12 and left to go around the world. After traveling for several months we made it to Hawaii. We lived on time share at Wyndham resorts and my mom got so familiar with the time share that she ended up selling at the world wide industry at Wyndham. It worked out great. I joined a soccer team in Hawaii (Island we live on was Oahu), we became very good friends with the staff, my mom loved her job, we had fun, and got to stay in a good school online. We lived there for a year and we were the only people living there, everyone else was on a vacation. When they ask us how we lived there we explained and when they asked us about school, we said K12. My little brother who is 5 is taught by my dad (next year he will join a school but he is very bright for his age and my 2 youngest brothers are only 1 so they don't do school yet). After a year of living at the resort in Hawaii, we decided we were ready to move on. My mom decided to get a transfer to Orlando FL. She would be working at the Wyndham over there and we would be living at the Wyndham which is located on Disney property. We would leave Hawaii when we were supposed to meet in CO for our tcaps testing. My brother and I went to tcaps and it was a lot like our normal school. We did the testing is Breckenridge. There was a huge snow storm so we actually found ourselves staying with a teacher because the place that we were staying at was in Vail and the roads were closed making it un-able for my mom to get to us. We stayed with two very nice teachers (something else I love about K12 is that the teachers are wonderful and it is very flexible) and got to the tcap testing early. We will continue our adventure to FL. Thanks to K12 I am also able to go to auditions and try out for movies and modeling because K12 is so flexible. As long as we continue this amazing life-style I will continue with K12 and I my brother and I are so glad to have something like this. Thank you again for everyone who works in Insights or K12 to make it possible for us to live an adventure.
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