Daydreaming, My Favorite Hobby

by Kara | April 17, 2017
Poetry Contest 2017, Flexibility/Lifestyle, Go For Your Gold

Oh how I love to Daydream
My head stays forever in the clouds
When I awake, my mind wonders into day, imaging all the wonders today could bring

I Daydream of the future
Oh how sweet of days there are to come
I Daydream of lush grass and flowers
That can grow without April showers

I Daydream of peace between enemies
Of how neighbors can become friends
I Daydream as I work
I see how it all will finally pay off

I Daydream all the day long of my goals being reached
I Daydream of heaven, I soar through the sky
I hug angles I never wanted to tell goodbye

I see my children playing together
I see my car, all its interiors leather
Oh, I could stay in the clouds all day

Even when I'm tired
My thoughts love to unwire
And the last thing I do before I rest my head
Is Daydream sweetly in my bed

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