A dancer's life

by Kamryn | April 17, 2017
Poetry Contest 2017, Athlete/Performer

I saw the light,
shining on me,
I was on the stage
And I could see.
This is what I wanted to do,
this is what I wanted to dream.
A dancer's life is the life I'll live,
And I will work with my team.

I'll dance till' I drop,
Forever until the end,
I have everyone beside me,
including my best friend.
I will work so hard,
I will shine so bright,
I will never give up,
shining in the spotlight.

All I request,
is a smile on my face,
I will go sky high,
Until I reach space.
I never want to quit,
I never want to leave,
Dance is now my friend,
I just have to believe.

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