by Kaitlyn | April 17, 2017

I stand at home plate,
Streaks of water run down my face,
My heart is beating like thunder,
I wonder if I'll strike out or dash for first base,
She pitches the ball,
It's as fast as lightning,
I swing my bat,
It hit the ball,
it soared so high it cracked the sky,
I dashed for first base with my feet scratching the sand,
My feet tag the base,
I start running for second base,
I wonder if I'll make it or not,
My heart is pounding,
I jump on the base and I soar high,
Another batter hit the ball and it came rolling towards me,
I dash for third base,
I slide until my toes tap the base,
the last batter came and hit the ball,
I started to run for home plate,
I hit home plate,
My teammates roar with excitement,
I ride on my teammates shoulders,
While we make our way to victory

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